A journey into the mystical world of ceramics!

I studied ceramics as an elective in my first year at CoFA. I loved the whole process from hand building to wheel throwing and glazing, however when we had finished a step we left it on a trolley and it would be magically returned nicely fired for us. So when I was recently given a small hobby kiln by a lovely friend I had absolutely no idea how to fire it up and get the ball rolling on my jewellery making. Nevertheless, I began rolling out my jewellery pieces, leaving them to dry then underglazing them confident that the only way I was going to learn was if i tried to fire them and see how it goes. So yesterday i fired up the kiln for the first time, popped a little greenware jug I had underglazed in it, turned it on and crossed my fingers.

Success so far the jug survived the first firing, now i have to glaze it and can then fire it for the second time. Meanwhile I have stacked the kiln and turned it on again today to fire some of my jewellery pieces for my first market stall in February. Again my fingers are crossed wish me luck everyone. xo Nicky

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