Artist Statement
My artwork is about imaging my world around me. The styles vary, depending on the landscapes and influences I experience. I don't necessarily realistically depict a place or the people within the space, but concentrate on capturing the essence and feelings of the landscape or the scene. I believe in immersing myself in different landscapes and countries and my paintings are reflections of my experiences within these said spaces.

Originally I started out painting the Australian landscape, focusing on the outback, and my work was quite abstract. As my art evolved and I moved into the more urban influence of Paris, my work became more realistic. However, it remains stylised and focused on capturing the essence of Paris rather than a photo realistic portrayal. This style remained when I moved back to Australia and once more began painting country landscapes and also again when I returned to France and Paris.

I am currently drawing on inspiration from my life in France and also a recent trip to the Scottish Highlands. I am continuing to explore the essence of the landscape and world around me and to draw on my personal experiences in different landscapes and countries.

Nichola Doherty